Our Lady and Saint Alphege

The Organ

The Saint Alphege Organ was originally built in 1915 by the Liverpool firm of Rushworth and Dreaper in order to serve as a demonstration instrument showing the breadth and quality of workmanship offered in commissions from that company. It was installed in the Church in 1960.

The Parish will need shortly to embark upon a major work of restoration which will result in an instrument which will stand its ground among organs in the City and in the surrounding area. 

Organ Case

Department and Stop list

PedalKey action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high f1  Keys 30
            1Acoustic Bass32
            2Sub Bass16
            4Bass Flute8

ChoirKey action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high c4  Keys 61 Enclosed
            5Lieblich Gedeckt8
            6Viol D'Orchestre8
            7Flauto Traverso4

GreatKey action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high c4  Keys 61
            10Open Diapason8
            11Hohl Flute8
            13Twelfth2 2/3

SwellKey action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high c4  Keys 61 Enclosed
            15Stopped Diapason8
            16Echo Gamba8TC, grooved to SD
            17Voix Celestes8TC


Console type  Drawstop   Pedalboard  radiating concave  

builder's name plate on oak console; angled jambs;


Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

Swell to Choir

Swell octave

Swell suboctave

Choir to Great

Choir to Pedal

Choir suboctave

Great to Pedal


Blowing Electric  


2 thumb pistons to Swell
2 thumb pistons to Great and Pedal
2 toe pistons to Swell
2 toe pistons to Great and Pedal
non reversible thumb piston Gt-Pd

Organ Console

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