Fabric & Finance Committee

  • Anthony O'Sullivan (Chair and Secretary)

  • Father Alex McAllister (Parish Priest)

  • Caroline Coard (Gift Aid Secretary)

  • Fiona Corum

  • Giles Mercer

  • Julian Schlosser

  • Tony Smith

  • Tim Tayler (Treasurer)

  • Cassie Reis

  • Clizia Motterle

The Committee is responsible for all financial matters relating to the Parish. It produces accounts for the Parish. The Committee meets about every three months.

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

  • Father Alex McAllister (Parish Priest)

  • Debbie Watson

  • Emily Chiba

  • Liz Creevy

  • Helen d'Souza

  • Clare Harding

  • Roshan Mathew

  • Karen Neate

  • Helen Richardson

  • Tommy Watson

  • Moira Horton

The Council meets about every 2 months.