Message from Fr Malcolm for Sunday 29 March

From the Sunday Gospel: I am the Resurrection & the life.

From the Sunday New Testament Reading: The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you & gives life to your mortal bodies.

We have a share (albeit a foretaste) of the Risen Life of JHS now. What we will have fully in the life to come, we already have some experience of now! The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, gifted in Baptism & Confirmation, in order to be witnesses of the Risen One, & to live 'the adventure of discipleship'.

In the Mother of God the Holy Spirit had complete freedom to operate from the very moment of her Conception. In her there is no resistance to the Holy Spirit. She is the perfect disciple of her Son. She to whom we rededicate today England as Her Dowry.

What a joy, what a responsibility, to belong to her! To make this land fit for our Heavenly Queen.

Ask yourself: what should her dowry be like?

How about this?

Full of people influenced by the Holy Spirit. Good members of the Church, loyal to the Vicar of her Son. Christians with a genuine concern & care for our common home: for the souls of the people, for their social & economic well-being, for the environment we share. A land that joyfully serves Christ our King, & the Holy Virgin, our Mother & Queen.

Does all this seem impossible? That is good!

For with God all things are possible!

Even raising the dead!

May this testing time for us all, be a special time of spiritual growth.

Fr Malcolm.